Cpl. August H. Nelson

http://acroentertainment.com My father, August H. Nelson, is a WWII veteran. After the war ended in Europe, he was sent to Holland to train for the Pacific front. During that training, WWII ended. The original 2”x3” photo was taken while he was in Holland.

Water Study

follow The combination of horizontal lines with warm and cool colors brings to mind sun reflecting on the water’s surface.

This We’ll Defend: 3768 3081

young furry fox porn WWII touched every family on every street.  Nothing would be the same again.  Stories told here are as they were reported.  Many others have never been spoken aloud – they exist in silence.  I was born on Memorial Day, 1925.  I rode in a Halftrack 25 in Germany, Combat Gunner, 50 Calvary 3rd Army 6th Armored Division.  I am proud to have served under General George S. Patton.  A man is known for his stories, these are some of mine.

Beyond the Kelp

young emo boy porn This is my first experiment with transparency in combination with newly learned dyeing and mark making techniques.  The attempt is to give the viewer the impression of looking through water.

Iowa Made

http://ancestorscalling.com/porn/slender-babe-natasha-white-dude I was born an Iowa farm girl and I learned the lessons of the land.  My strength comes from those whose values were molded by it.

http://kongre2013.com/porn/bambi-and-affection-abuse My paternal grandmother, Anna Nelson, an Iowa farm wife, made the worn Depression Era quilt. It represents the foundation of a value system that is sustained over time. Many of the antique buttons were found in the sewing machine drawers of my maternal grandmother, Grace Michaelson, who made her home in a small mid-Iowa town. The strength of the land and its people is emulated in the oak, the state tree, contrasted by the delicacy of the bright yellow goldfinch, the state bird.