Purple Was Her Color

Life’s puzzle begins simply as a child, each piece fitting together neatly and colored with the primary colors of mom, dad, and siblings.  Teenage relationships and marriage, symbolized by secondary colors, are added.  Tertiary colors represent family life with children, grandchildren and eventually great-grandchildren.  For those with Alzheimer’s, it is at this time in life that the puzzle pieces begin to misalign.  The color wheel of life, memories and people fade to white.

Spring Day

After a long cold winter, spring is heralded by tulips, bunnies, butterflies…….oh my!

Autumn Sunset

The inspiration for this piece was the view of the setting sun from the front porch of my townhouse in Washington state.

Autumn Day

On an autumn day, colorful leaves fall gently on the water and float down the stream glistening with droplets.