The Tree That Was

I often walk on bike paths through the wooded area near my house. During these walks, I take pictures of what interests me at the time. This piece was inspired by one of those photographs.

In the Mist

This small piece was made using techniques learned while taking a week-long class in 2014 from fiber artist, Linda Colsh.

Iowa Capitol

When I was charged with creating a piece depicting an historic Iowa building, my mind went directly to the Iowa State Capitol. I have fond memories of the Capitol. My master’s degree focused on the decorative stenciling on the walls and ceilings of the halls, offices and meeting rooms.

Three Sunflowers

This piece was done as a challenge: any image that supports the collection title – “Obviously Three”.

Autumn Sunset

I love working with transparent overlays. This piece depicts the sun setting behind trees as the autumn leaves float through the air to the ground.

Silver Snowflakes

One day last winter I looked out of my window at mounds of snow. On a whim, I decided to snow dye some fabric. Since the snow created this fabric I thought it only fitting that the resulting piece reflect its beginning.

The Promise 2

Robins bring with them the promise of spring.

Also available as “Signs of Spring” 9″ x 12″ for $200.

Winter Night

This piece is the second in a series exploring the representation of light.

Clowning Around

This postcard was made for a show with the theme “Wish you were here.”  Contact me for photos of other postcards available.