Fishy Fishy….

This piece was inspired by a small piece of fish print flannel proudly handed to me by my grandson.

Pretty Van Gogh

Nothing is prettier than fresh cut golden yellow sunflowers in a cobalt blue pitcher.


This piece was inspired by Pipper (AKA Pippy), a Springer Spaniel.  He was my son’s boyhood dog and was with him well into his college years.

The Shipley Corner

Many years ago, my brother and I celebrated our home by carving pumpkins to set on every fence post surrounding the yard. We used every candle we could find to light up the night. This quilt celebrates that memory, family and the warmth of a loving home.

Pears on the Palouse

When the rolling hills of the northern Idaho Palouse are blanketed with flowing golden wheat, ripening pears dangle from low hanging branches.  The sweet flavor of pears is the flavor of fall.

Christmas Fireworks

Life is like a box of Christmas fireworks, a celebration of the past and future.  As teens my brothers would drive across the state line to buy fireworks for a family Fourth of July celebration.  Through the years, fireworks have become a Christmas tradition.  On a cold, clear night we gaze at the brilliant colors against the black sky and reflect on the months that have past and pause to consider the New Year.

Bountiful Harvest

From its debut in 1941 as a premium in Proctor & Gamble’s Oxydol, Corn Ware was the best selling line made by Ohio’s Shawnee Pottery until the company closed in 1961. Representing the bountiful corn harvest of the American Midwest, the King Corn tea service rests on the rolling hills of the farmland. The Depression Era quilt pattern and fabrics are indicative of textiles used in homes when Corn Ware pottery graced many tables.